About Us

YesterdazeNews is an entertainment site that got it’s start in Seattle, Washington covering the music scene.  This site is about music than music, we also cover travel and entertainment just not as often as we cover music.  In 2017 we will be expanding our coverage areas as well as our travel and entertainment content.

Why music?  We believe that we must do our part to keep the live music scene alive.  That is why there are many different bands being covered from the unknowns to the mega stars.  We cover as many shows as possible, photograph and write about them.  People need to hear about bands that are making music today.  People also need to know about shows are happening in their area and the new bands from around the world that aren’t getting radio play in the states because they aren’t part of the “commercialized select”.

This is our voice, so we can talk about all the bands that are being missed.  We try to cover as many shows as possible and get the word out about all the great musical happenings.  A world without music is a terrifying thought.

Currently you will see more about music on this site than other stories.  As we grow our content will also grow and the Entertainment and Travel sections will have more content growth. Travel stories usually align when covering shows out of the usual areas but is something we are planning to dedicate more time to in 2017.

Thanks for reading!

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