Marc E. Bassy Brings Groovy People Tour to Seattle

December 3rd, 2016

A long line of people were standing outside of The Vera Project patiently waiting for an intimate evening with the one and only Marc E Bassy.  Many people in line were wrapped in blankets to try to stay warm while waiting to go inside.  The temperature that night was close to freezing with a chilly wind blowing through, but that did not stop the fans from coming out for what was to be a fantastic evening of music.

First up for the night was rapper Bobby Brackins.  With an already excited crowd, Brackins had no problem energizing the audience into jumping up and down and throwing their hands into the air.  In between each song he performed, he conversed with the audience about himself to allow fans to become more acquainted with who he is and what he is about.  Brackins played songs he is well known for co-writing.  One song in particular was Chris Brown’s hit Loyal.  As soon as the sold out crowd heard the first part of that familiar sample, they joined in and started singing every word with him.  At the end of the set he handed out flowers to many of the women in the audience.  If you see the name Bobby Brackin on any venue or tour poster, I would suggest going to see him.  With his energetic set, you will not be disappointed.

The main event of the night was Marc E. Bassy.  His fans queued up early and waited outside of the venue for a long time on Saturday just to be able to join in with the live celebration of his new EP release Groovy People.  As soon as Bassy took to the stage, the audience erupted with a loud roar of joy.  His nearly hour long set was filled with many of his hits such as Some Things Never Change, 4am, Lock It Up and Some Kind Of Drug.  One of the many highlights of the night was hearing him sing Happy Birthday to one of his female fans in the front row.  It’s always a great thing to see an artist interact in such a genuine way with their fans.  There is just one last tour date in the USA, which is tonight in California, I would highly recommend seeing this show if you are in the area and able to get your hands on a last minute ticket.

Needless to say, both of these artists bring a very unique and well crafted style to their music genres.  If you are able to catch a tour with either of theses artists performing you will not be disappointed so make a point of checking out their schedules.

Marc E. Bassy’s EP Groovy People (via BPG/Republic Records) is available now where you buy your music:

Purchase Groovy People EP Here:
Google Play:

Enjoy photos from the Seattle show below

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