Canadian Death Metal Band Kataklysm Unleashes Brutality in Seattle

Black/Death Metal veterans, Kataklysm, hit the stage at Studio 7 in Seattle last Friday night as part of their current tour.  They were joined by local support bands Jesus Wears Armani, Crud Guns, Deathmocracy and A Flourishing Scourge.

Upon entering the venue, I was immediately hit with the strong odor of incense which made me wonder what the night was going to bring.  While waiting for the first band of the night, I watched as the venue slowly filled with long haired, patch wearing, metal-heads. The night started off with a good crowd that was head banging and slam dancing to Jesus Wears Armani.  A local band lead by Iraq war veteran, Rich Hurst.  With the tried and true combat lyrics that Hurst wrote, he led the band in a melodic mashing of Lamb of God and Black Dahlia Murder.

The second band of the night was the energetic group, The Crüd Güns.  With shredding guitars and timely rhythms they kept the furious pace of the night going.  At times, the music and the lyrics were crossing over each other in such contrast that the lyrics could not be heard or even understood.  That didn’t matter to the audience, who continued to mosh, slam dance and head bang to the rhythm that was as steady as a military cadence.

Next up for the night was a group that hadn’t played together on stage for over five years,  Deathmocracy.  This band had it’s start back in 2007, but went on hiatus in 2013 when one of the founding members decided to leave the band.  The band hit the stage and played like they hadn’t skipped a beat.  Justin (vocalist) commanded his band throughout the set.  The music was driving, melodic, fast, furious and drenched with shredding guitars and a bass guitar that was sharp, dark and full of emotion.  They left the crowd wanting more, which the last of the local support bands of the night, A Flourishing Scourge, was ready to deliver.

A Flourishing Scourge hit the smoke filled stage with a vengeance and didn’t stop until their set was complete.  Tye Jones’ dark and growly vocals blended perfectly with their song lyrics that delivered a sound that emulates the Swedish melodic death metal band, Dark Tranquility.  With their newest member, Elijah Losch, behind the drums they held the crowd in an almost trance like state of melodic and rocking guitars throughout their set.  As the band ended, they left the crowd ready for the final show of the evening, Kataklysm.

What was odd about this night was that just when the music and vibe was starting to climax and the crew was readying the stage for Kataklysm, the majority of crowd left.  It isn’t unusual for people at this venue to step outside during set up and load out between the bands, but this time they didn’t return.  It almost seemed like the people that came to this show saw what they thought was the highlight of the show and then left.  As odd as it was for people to leave, and shame on you Seattle fans, it didn’t affect the way the Canadians played their show.  Lead singer, Maurizio, stated between songs, “…fifty thousand, five thousand, five hundred, or fifty, we’re going to play this show the same way.”  With that mindset, they unleashed the absolute brutality of their technical metal music.  The four piece band delivered a good variety of songs from their entire repertoire.  Despite the low number of people in the crowd, Kataklysm devoured the night and left Seattle in their wake.

Kataklysm is currently on tour supporting their latest album”Of Ghost and Gods”.  If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, do yourself a favor by getting out there and giving these guys your support.  You will enjoy some great music.


Show Photo Gallery (Photo Credit: Jared Ream)

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