Periphery Performs at Seattle’s Showbox

Periphery performed last Wednesday at the Showbox at the Market in Seattle on their Sonic Unrest tour to support their current release “Periphery III: Select Difficulty” along with opening support acts SiKth, Chon and Toothgrinder.  This show was put on nationally by The Noise Presents and locally by Mike Thrasher Presents.

Hailing from Washington, D.C., this progressive metal band has been making music together since 2005 and has five studio albums along with two EP’s that have been released through out their career thus far.  Their last three studio albums have been their most successful worldwide with their current release being the most successful out of their entire catalog.

Periphery opened the show with the song “Luck as a Constant”  which instantly had the crowd jumping up and down.  The floor was shaking and bouncing in unison with this very excited group of fans.  Leading into the second song of the show “The Way the News Goes…”, guitarist Mark Holcomb reached out into the crowd to shake hands with a couple of fans and render a double thumbs up to the massive crowd then back into the performance he went.  They performed a great set and in classic Spencer Sotello (vocalist) style he spoke to their fans telling them to, “love one another and come together as family” then went on to perform the final song of the evening, “Lune”.

There are eight USA dates left on the Periphery tour before they head off to South Africa and Australia so take a look at their remaining dates and catch them if you can.

Periphery Set List:

Luck as a Constant
The Way the News Goes…
Remain Indoors
The Bad Thing
(Haunted Shores cover)
Make Total Destroy
The Price Is Wrong

Drum Solo
Four Lights
Stranger Things

Periphery is:

Spencer Sotelo – Vocalist
Misha Mansoor – Guitar
Mark Holcomb – Guitar
Jake Bowen – Guitar
Adam Nolly Getgood – Bass
Matt Halpern – Drums


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