Warner Drive signed by Dead End Exit at Sweden Rock Festival

So I was just overseas at Sweden Rock Festival last week and imagine my surprise when I traveled from Seattle to Sweden only to discover a great band from Los Angeles.  What a funny moment.  Warner Drive appeared at Sweden Rock Festival after winning a fan voted contest to pick an act to perform.  While I’d never heard of them in Seattle, Warner Drive has a strong fan base in Sweden.

I was standing back in the VIP area when I was approached by Jonny Law, vocalist of Warner Drive.  He was promoting his band’s show time and handing out copies of their single.  We had a good chuckle when I said, well hi I am from Seattle.  West Coasties unite!  With that introduction I met up with the rest of the band members and snapped a few group photos for them and then added them to my Friday viewing schedule to give them a listen.

With the name Sweden Rock Festival you’d assume it’s all heavy or classic rock n roll, but not always and in the case of Warner Drive that would be true.  They actually have a different style of rock sound that’s refreshing to hear.  I heard undertones of grunge mixed with some punk and almost ska’ish tones with some just plain old good and gritty rock guitars.  Their melodies are catchy and singable.  Their music is very good and their stage presence is very entertaining.  I think the final hook for me was the humorous cover of Roxette’s “She’s Got the Look” after saying they looked for the heaviest of all Swedish band’s songs to do a cover performance of.  Jokingly I said, that’s what sealed their record deal with Dead End Exit records at the festival.

If Warner Drive makes it to a town near you, make a point of going to see them.  Their new single “Anthem of the Douche” is now on Spotify.  I have linked it here: Listen to Anthem of a Douche via Spotify.

There are three upcoming USA shows you can catch them at:

Jun 24 -Perqs – Huntington Beach, CA
Jul 16 – Club Red – Mesa, AZ
Sep 16 – Herman’s Hideaway – Denver, CO

See the full gallery of photos from the show at SmugMug

1 Comment on Warner Drive signed by Dead End Exit at Sweden Rock Festival

  1. Tommy Jones // June 16, 2016 at 20:31 // Reply

    Awesome review!

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