Tulip Fields on a Budget?  Skip the Netherlands and Visit Seattle Instead.

Every year people flock to the Netherlands to visit the blooming tulips fields.  But what if your budget simply can’t afford the costs to fly overseas?  What if you don’t have a passport or want to stay in the states?  You do have options!

Plan a trip to Seattle, Washington instead of heading overseas.  We have amazing tulip fields just north of us.  Each spring the fields start with fragrant daffodil blossoms around the end of March, depending on the weather, the tulip fields are either starting to bloom or are in full swing.  This year the fields have bloomed early due to the mild winter we’ve had and great spring weather we are currently experiencing.  Seattle actually hit 70 degrees on the last day of March.  Rare heat for us this early in the year.

I made a trip up to Skagit Valley this past Friday afternoon to see the fields myself after a friend mentioned she’d been there earlier in the week and how far along the tulips were.  I am glad I decided to go because I fear my next chance in a couple of weeks would be too late to see the tulips before they are past the optimum bloom viewing point.  This year I stopped in at the Tulip Town farm.  The blooms were vibrant and stunning.

This farm has tractor rides around their fields so you can sit back and take the view in or you can walk around the field at your own pace.  I walked because I have to stop and  admire the tulips and take photos. Lot of photos!  There is a small market area at the farm too.  You can buy flowers, art, kites, food or even have your face painted.

So skip the overseas tour and come visit Seattle in spring.  We aren’t just “Sleepless in Seattle”, Amazon or Microsoft.  We are so much more and our nature is something to be seen in person.  For more information visit the website of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.



3 Comments on Tulip Fields on a Budget?  Skip the Netherlands and Visit Seattle Instead.

  1. another option is Kashmir, India for Tulips.

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