Spring in Seattle

We’ve had such phenomenal spring weather here in Seattle I just had to be outside enjoying it and I haven’t had a chance to post about it.  Seattle seems to have gotten lucky with good ole Mother Nature with an early spring this year.  Most people that are not from Seattle think that it’s always raining in Seattle.  That’s simply not true.  Yes, we do get rain here.  That’s what keeps our lands so beautiful and green and our mountains snowy and white.  But, on average many other states get more rain than Seattle does per year.  We get the kind of rain that is most often just misting or sprinkles.  Add that kind of rain with our dark winter days and it’s enough to drive a sane person crazy.  I have lived all over the USA and I can say we do not get the kind of rain most usually see with heavy downpours that come then just as quickly go or a few days of heavy showers then none for weeks.  We get the miserable, just enough to make you take a hoodie with you everywhere type of rain.

Some times of the year are better than others here when it comes to our weather.  Seattle has some of the most beautiful summers I have experienced anywhere in the USA.  It helps that we also have a beautiful city and it’s just a short drive away from Seattle to enjoy a good majority of the nature we have so close to our city.  In Spring, we do get a lot of rain from about the end of March through most of April, but that gives us beautiful blossoms to enjoy.  After spring we really don’t pick up with the constant rain again until November.  Just on and off rain like many other areas have.  Throughout the year we also get a few thunderstorms.  Here we tend to enjoy them while being in awe of the thunder and lightning.  It’s not like living in the east, south or tornado alley where you have to be concerned quite often of tornado’s, although in Washington state we do on average get 1-2 small tornado’s a year here.  But having lived in Texas and seeing first hand what destruction comes with the big ones, I am happy that we only see the small ones here and can enjoy a thunderstorm or two.

934142_10154024336549776_4829057801022632033_nSo back to this glorious spring we have been having in Seattle the past few weeks.  I have been out in the countryside taking in the fresh air and views of nature that are so rejuvenating to the human spirit.  We can’t just live in the city.  For me, I wouldn’t survive only surrounded by the city, I need my nature too!  I love to just grab my camera bag, have a full tank of gas and just go.  I usually don’t have a destination when I head out on day trips.  I just end up where ever I end up.  No plans except to enjoy myself and take photos to remind me of where I have been.

My spring started out with a quick drive to Anacortes which I posted on previously, you can read all about here.  Then it went onto the cherry blossoms.  If you are from the local area you know all about the University of Washington’s cherry blossoms on campus at the Quad.  If you are not from the area and happen to find yourself here in mid March, you need to seek out the Quad on campus.  It’s basically a grassy area with walkways between beautiful old buildings that have rows of 80 year old cherry trees planted.  About the second week of March the cherry blossoms are in full swing and people crowd the Quad for photos.  It’s stunning to say the least.  If you get the chance, seek it out.

watermarked-12322720_10154027705914776_7632661687208673175_oI thought after the cherry blossoms that I wouldn’t get another chance to really enjoy spring, but great weather continued.  One evening after work I found myself at one of the best locations in Seattle for tourist and locals alike to take photos of Seattle with Mount Rainier in the background along with sweeping views of the Port of Seattle and West Seattle and Alki beach.  So of course I had to stand still and take advantage of the evening.  Myself along with about 30-40 others that came and went over the couple of hours, stopped for photos and just to admire the sheer beauty that we take for granted so often.  Kerry Park is just one of about 10 locations around Seattle where you can take photos of our city.  If you would like to visit for yourself Kerry Park is located on Queen Anne at 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119.  It is in a residential neighborhood, please be kind to those who live there by keeping noise levels low, pick up after your pets and don’t litter when at the park.  Let’s keep the area beautiful for all who visit.

After hitting Kerry Park that evening, I decided to go down to the Seattle Waterfront along Alaskan Way.  They are doing a bit of construction in this area, but businesses are still open and just waiting for our/your business.  Please stop in and see what each pier building had going on.  We have many fantastic restaurants and shops in this area, plus Seattle’s Great Wheel.  If you go at sunset on a really nice day you will get spectacular views of the Puget Sound and the backdrop of the Olympic Mountain range.

watermarked-12419251_10154034242104776_877832831886566195_oI was really surprised that the weather held out to the end of the week.  I was up early on a Saturday morning and already out on the road.  I usually don’t get up early on the weekends unless I am on vacation or I am doing a 5K, which always start early in the morning!  (Just a quick side note, my next fun run is the Color Run in May.  Gotta get up for that one to get a lovely dye shade!)   I ended up doing a drive out Highway 2 which is to the north of Seattle (exits off of I-5 in Everett, then heads east toward Monroe, Sultan, Gold Bar, Index, Steven”s Pass, Leavenworth then into Wenatchee.  I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to roam, but ended up in Index then circled back.  My aunt had a cabin in Index when we were younger.  We spent a lot of our summers up there enjoying the Skykomish river.   This area is absolutely stunning.  It’s so quiet except for the sounds of the rushing river.  This time of year the river water is running low but as it starts to warm up and the snow pack at Steven’s Pass starts to melt the water will rise which attracts many people to go kayaking or river rafting from Index down into Gold Bar and some even further down.  Sometimes the river rises too much causing severe flooding and land erosion in the area.

watermarked-12593693_10154034248054776_7655412165986597383_oI wasn’t the only one with the idea of heading into nature.  The once quiet back roads were lined with a few hundred cars taking advantage of the hiking areas around index.  Luckily I didn’t bump into but just a few people.  I love that we all love nature, but I dread getting out into it to only be surrounded by hundreds of people.  I am sure the rest of you nature lovers can empathize with that statement.  My afternoon was a tranquil success, lots of nature, spotted a few people scaling the rocky cliffsides,  ran into just a few people on the trails and even caught a group pulling out their rafts after a 5-8 mile river rafting excursion from Adventures Rafting Company in Index (If you are interested in booking they can be reached at 425-883-9039).  By the evening, we were headed back into rain, but these past few weeks have been glorious!

Soon we will have tulips in bloom just north of us in Skagit Valley.  I have been keeping my eyes on the blossom reports for the fields there.  I am thinking that’s going to be one of my next travel blogs!  Until next time, get out and see the world around you!


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  1. Gorgeous photos! Wow!

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