Travel Heals the Soul

Years ago I remember reading somewhere, perhaps an image on Facebook or earlier in life in a travel magazine, that travel can heal what ails you.  I never put much thought into it at the time, but now that I have been completely bitten by the travel bug I think there is something behind it.


Being a tourist in Hollywood, CA 2015

As a child my mom was basically a gypsy with severe wanderlust.  We moved more times than I can count.  I was always the new kid in class, always learning about our new surroundings and trying to find a place to fit in.  To me it was a way of life, I never knew that other people didn’t move as much as we did until I hit junior high and wanted to stay put.  I wanted to lay roots and be able to have the same friends for the rest of my life.

That move only lasted a couple of years then off we went to the last place I would move with my family before setting off into my own adult life.  Unfortunately for me, I had already been filled with wanderlust and to this day have never really laid roots anywhere.  As much as I say I want to settle in somewhere, I haven’t.  I don’t know if it is just that I have not found the place my heart can call home or if I am just set into seeing new places and experiencing more new things.

Into my own young adult years I moved around quite a bit (California, Texas, Ohio, Washington, Florida).  Mine was not as much for wanderlust as much as it was to follow my career and stay employed.  My son was thrust into the same life I had as a child, moving every few years.  Luckily for my son, I managed to stay somewhat put between his middle and high school years so he was with his friends and had a somewhat normal childhood.  It really all changed after he graduated.

The year of his graduation (2012) I won a trip to London, England.  This is a country I had always dreamed of visiting but had never been.   I had an incident in 2005 on a flight that had a sudden loss of altitude and hadn’t been able to get myself back onto a plane since then.  Fast forward to 2012, it’s the year of the Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Downton Abbey has made people around the world fall in love with England all over again.  I can not miss this trip.  I had to work it out and get back on a plane again.


London from the west end facing east 2015

It took some time and thanks to some great flight therapy that included EMDR and studying about the anatomy of planes and flying, I was cured.  I am still not thrilled to fly, but I don’t have anxiety attacks anymore and can remain calm even with the plane hits turbulence.  So off to a great start, travel has already healed something that was ailing me and stopping my from living part of my life, my fear of flying.

I had the most joyous 2 weeks in England and it propelled me into traveling as often as I can since.  Each trip fills my soul in ways that I can’t describe other than giving me an inner peace.  Sometimes I just want to be a tourist and other times I just want to blend in with the locals.  Today I take a mix of trips.  Weekend trips, long weekend trips around holidays and full on vacations of a week or longer.  I fly so often now I hit elite mileage status for the first time ever at the end of 2015.

Before you roll your eyes and think, oh she’s rich and has the money to waste, no I am not rich.  I have a modest income and I just don’t do a lot of the same things most other


San Diego Comic-Con 2015 – Gaslamp mayhem

people do daily.  Things like eating out, going out drinking, movies, etc, etc.  I save to travel whenever I can.  I had a huge shift in thinking in October 2014 when I had an early heart attack, that will make you really take a hard look at how you live your life. I am fully recovered today and now I am set on living life because no days are promised, so my priorities have shifted and I make a point of seeing every place I can.  I am always watching the travel sites for good deals on airfare and places to stay (amazing travel sales in the USA are around Thanksgiving weekend).  If you plan ahead and set aside a little money here and there, you can afford to travel too.

As I have found, travel and music are two things I can not live without.  I love to do both.  I enjoy meeting people from all around the world and learning about new places and cultures.  Music festivals are part of my travels and I have met many people at them that have opened my eyes to so many new things and places.

Each trip I take brings me joy.  It fills my wanderlust bank for at least a little while and

IMG_3018 (2)

Karlskrona, Sweden 2015

lets me explore the many places we as people are meant to see in our lifetimes.  After traveling to far away places like England, Wales, Germany, Denmark and Sweden my list of places to see continues to grow.  This year Hawaii, Ireland and Alaska are my aim.  If I can manage to find a great deal then I am planning to squeeze in Iceland and a quick trip while there to Greenland.  Did you know you can actually visit Greenland?  I had never put much thought into it before but had always thought it would be interesting to go there. Well in the summer months you can catch a flight from Iceland to Greenland.  So that is now on my I have to visit it list.

My 2016 list of places I want to visit (my dreams are always bigger than my wallet and my vacation time at work, but dream big, you never know! I usually try to see if I can catch a live music show too.):

  • Hawaii
  • Ireland, England, Denmark & Sweden (This is already planned, Sweden is a yearly holiday so doing these on the same trip.  Can’t miss Sweden Rock Festival, best rock festival on the planet IMO. Planned ahead for big savings.)
  • Alaska
  • Germany (Seriously, Wacken Open Air music festival!, Seeing a theme yet?  Travel, music.. yes travel and music two of the best healers around.)
  • Iceland & Greenland together
  • Australia (Likely to be in 2017)
  • Georgia (As often as possible, my kids!)
  • undecided… (Always leave open space to dream of travel lol)

Of course not all of my travel is as extravagant or so far away.  Sometimes I just take a


Seattle Space Needle at sunset

short drive up to Vancouver, B.C. from Seattle and spend a day or two exploring the land of the friendly neighbors to the north. Other days, I explore my own city of Seattle.  It’s always changing and there is always something to take in here.  Live music is hit or miss here but when it’s a hit, it occupies a lot of my time.  We are also surrounded by so many things, city, nature, water….. always something to do or see here.

If you follow along on my blog I will be sharing my travel experiences throughout the year and looking back on past travels.  Hopefully one of my travels will inspire you to get out and see the world around you.  We only live once, so we must enjoy the time we have.  What better way to live than spending time with family and traveling?  Until my next post, keep traveling!




2 Comments on Travel Heals the Soul

  1. I agree! Travel has always created great clarity for me… A favorite travel quote of mine is from a Patrick Rothfuss book: ‘No (wo)man is brave that has never walked a hundred miles. If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet.’
    Happy travels xo

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