Who is Gabbie Rae?

That’s what I found myself saying when Europe announced she was going to be their opening support for the second leg of the USA War of Kings tour.  Europe is great about adding lesser know bands to their tours.  That is how I discovered the band Stonerider out of Atlanta, GA on their UK Bag of Bones tour.  So knowing that I was about to be turned onto a new artist with good sound, I quickly started searching the internet to find out just who she is.

At first glance I was thinking, oh great… their new label has convinced them to add a “Disney” wannabee singer to their tour.  Her face, sweet and innocent.  Her age, just 17.  Most definitely fits the mold.  Then as I learned she had been signed by Wendy Dio the hope set it that there would be more to her than just another a cute, young female wanting to sing.  I know, it sounds harsh, but when it comes to female vocalists in rock and metal we don’t have a ton to choose from or nearly enough that are genuinely talented.  What we do have are many cookie cutter mediocre singers that tend to rely on their looks to make up the difference where their vocals do not.  Again, sounds harsh, but it’s completely accurate of many of the artists we have to choose from today.


So I took to YouTube and started watching the Gabbie Rae videos I could find.  Her video Scream wasn’t what I expected.  She’s actually a great singer.  Although there are a few spots where her vocals could improve, she’s 17, her voice will do that as she gets older. Then I heard her sing a cover of Dio’s Last in Line, yea this gal is going places in rock music.  She’s got the rock chops and her band has the talent.  She’s professed herself as a fan of rock and metal music.  She’s genuine about it.

I had the opportunity to see her perform live in San Jose, CA and in  Las Vegas, NV.  She’s a great live artist and she’s got great stage presence.  She performed a few covers and a few originals.


After both sets she and her bandmates hung out and met fans. She’s genuine one stage as an artist and off stage as a person.  Europe made a great choice including her on their tour.  Keep an eye on Gabbie Rae, you will hear her name alot more often.




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