Jake E. Lee and Red Dragon Cartel: The music and tour!

Sweden Rock 2014

If you are a fan of rock music, then you know who the legendary Jake E. Lee is.  For those of you who are not familiar with his name, you had to have heard him play at some point. Jake E. Lee’s career is most notable as first being the replacement guitarist for Randy Rhoads who played with Ozzy Osbourne and collaborating on the album Bark at the Moon and The Ultimate Sin.  He then went on to form the badass band Badlands with singer Ray Gillen in the late 80’s and then to do some solo work as well as a few other collaborations since then.


There was the interview last summer (2013) that changed everything and brought Jake E. Lee right back into the spotlight, That Metal Show on VH1 Classic.  Jake E. Lee stopped in to talk about the new band and to perform for the show as well as make one fan about piss himself with “Stump the Trunk” when Jake E. Lee gave the winner a guitar!  Follow the links below to watch for yourself, for whatever reason their site will not allow the shows to embed here.



Guitar giveaway:


Jake E. Lee is now working with a new band, Red Dragon Cartel.  Red Dragon Cartel consists of: Jake E. Lee (guitar), D.J. Smith (vocals), Ronnie Mancuso (bass) and Jonas Fairley (drums).  They released their first self titled CD in January 2014.  The album also features such guests as legendary vocalist Robin Zander from Cheap Trick, Original Iron Maiden Vocalist Paul Di’Anno. Former Pantera Bassist Rex Brown. Slash’s Conspirator’s, Todd Kearns and Brent Fitz and new chart toppers like Maria Brink from “In this Moment” “Five Finger Death Punches,” Jeremy Spencer and Scott Reeder, (credit: reddragoncartel.com 2014).


With strong rock songs like Deceived, Feeder, Slave and the gritty Wasted, this CD has not let music fans down at all.  The band has been on a world tour most of 2014. Anyone who has been lucky enough to catch one of their shows will tell you it is a show that should not be missed.  I can attest to this as I had the luck of seeing them perform live at Sweden Rock Festival in June.  They had some technical difficulties, but as the true musical pro’s they are they still put on one hell of a show and the crowd went wild!  They played some old Badlands songs, new Red Dragon Cartel songs and even a “two fingered salute” to Ozzy with Bark at the Moon which sent the crowd into full frenzied excitement.  An absolutely great show, full of energy and talent!


They’ve had to postpone some of their USA tour dates from June due to unforeseen circumstances so keep an eye out to see if they will be adding your city to their rescheduled dates.  I know they still owe Seattle a show, we are one that was postponed.  Anyone following along on my blog from the NW, if Seattle is the only date near you make a point to catch one of best live shows on tour this year!


Photos (c) Yesterdazenews.com 2014, no use without written permission from owner.

4 Comments on Jake E. Lee and Red Dragon Cartel: The music and tour!

  1. I was a fan of Darren (now “DJ”) Smith when he was in Harem Scarem. Good drummer, and good singer for that kind of melodic rock. I saw him live in spring of ’92, and he was great.

    Now that he is a front man, it’s weird for me as a fan! I am NOT USED to seeing him up front being the frontman. He did a lot of the talking and vocals in Harem Scarem on stage, but they already had a front man.

    Having said that, Jake is beyond talented and I think I can grow to accept DJ in his new role.

  2. You owe Detroit a show Jake E please don’t let us fans down again!

  3. Please come play in Ireland as the UK tour was a let down owing to a promoter issue where the promoter cancelled lots of dates.Was not a fault of the band not wanting to play but the promoter basically took the hump and pulled the shows so lots of dates were pulled.

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