Here’s a Band Worth Checking Out – Mass Murder Agenda

You know those days where you get an odd follower on Twitter and you reluctantly take a look to see who it is?  Well I had one of those today and was cheerfully surprised to find it was an amazing hardcore metal/thrash band that hails from Sweden.  If you have never heard of the band Mass Murder Agenda you should have.  Some of their songs are a bit slower but heavy while others are fast thrashing songs that will make you want to break something, which is a great mix in my opinion.  Mass Murder Agenda’s sound immediately reminded me of the early days of Disturbed but like Disturbed meets In Flames, Slayer and Anthrax.  Being that these are a few of my favorite bands I am thinking Mass Murder Agenda will fall in that short list too!

Their 2012 release of Bring the Violence is available on and iTunes.  Check out the video releases of their singles Never Again and Drawing Flies and then pick up your copy of Bring the Violence.

Mass Murder Agenda also has a chance to perform at Sweden Rock Festival 2013 in June and you can help them by giving them your vote on the Sweden Rock Site.  Just check the box next to their name and click the submit button (skicka as they say in Swedish if you end up seeing the Swedish page) at the bottom of the page here.

To get more information on Mass Murder Agenda or to pick up some of their gear visit their website here.

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