Hellfest 2013 – The Next of the Awesome Summer Rock Festivals in June.. Kiss, ZZTop, Twisted Sister, Korn….

If the summer of 2013 is not already kicking off with some of the best rock bands in the industry making appearances to awestruck fans, the weekend of June 21-23, 2013 is sure to be yet another pleasing festival.  Hellfest is set to take place in Clisson, France and at this point I am envisioning a band of rock gypsies moving from one festival site to the next. Who wouldn’t want to spend a month or the entire summer hitting every rock & metal festival along the way?  I can’t imagine spending my summer in any other way that could top this! Thankfully I have a job that I can do from anywhere, so I think the summer of 2013 is going to be one hell of an adventure.

So who’s performing at Hellfest 2013?  Only some of the best bands ever!  Here’s just a sampling to get you thirsty for more!  Kiss, ZZTop, Twisted Sister, Korn, Saxon, Avantasia, Volbeat, Blue For My Valentine, Down, StoneSour, Accept, Bad Religion, Helloween, Testament, Kreator, Immortal, At The Gates, Neurosis, 3 Doors Down & Papa Roach. That’s not even half of the bands that will be performing, but they are some of the most notable ones for sure.  Sure a few of these bands are playing the other festivals that I have already written about, but there is no other line up like Hellfest’s so if you miss this one, you miss out!  Take a look below at the other confirmed acts.

Hellfest 2013 Lineup, courtest Hellfest.fr

So how the hell do you get your hands on tickets for this show?  Simple, click here for Hellfest 2013 tickets.  They cost 165 € (that’s $218 USD) for the 3 day ticket.  Then of course there is how do I get there.

Hellfest is located at Rue du Champ Louet, 44190 Clisson.  That is about 4.5 hours southwest of Paris and about 45 minutes southeast of Nantes.  The closest airport to the Hellfest site is the Nantes Airport.  You can refer to the 2012 Hellfest info page on how to get there, ground shuttles, about camping and hotels in the area here.  You can also download apps for your iphone or Android device, information is also located in the 2012 info link above.  The 2013 page is not updated yet to provide this information so check back on their site until they post it and here on this post, I will update once they release the information.

I will eventually get to the USA festivals, most likely early 2013.  It’s still too soon to start talking about them as the lineup’s for most have not yet been announced, so keep checking back for announcements on them.

Ok metalheads, until the next posting.  Keep rocking your brains out!

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