Europe, the band, Bag of Bones concert tour and why the USA was left out again.

Mic Michaeli, Bristol 2012, Drink and a Smile.

Ok, so a while back I blew a gasket over Europe, the band, and how they won’t tour in the USA.  After a well planned trip to the UK to see them perform live on their Bag of Bones tour, I finally have the answer straight from the band on the reason why.  They won’t come tour the states because they can’t get a proper tour put together.  From talking with one of their crew members I found out they did do a small tour here in the mid 2000’s but the tour didn’t go very well.  I can imagine why, as a huge fan of the band since 1987, I didn’t even know they were here on tour or even back together making music.  Their public relations just didn’t do their jobs, they should have been talking to every radio station in every metro area and getting their music out there while talking up the tour.  I have worked in media and know all about promotions and getting the word out, it’s not that hard to do.  That’s how you get back in front of your fans, get the word out that you are back.  You also gain a new fan base from those who haven’t heard your music.  Let me tell you, I would do their promoting for free in the northwest if they asked me, I’d just request drinking time with them!  If it mean’t they’d come back to Seattle again I’d be out there making sure people knew who they were and that they hear their new music.

John Leven and Joey Tempest rocking the house at the O2 Academy Bristol.

Jason (L), Me and Adam (R). Stonerider rocks! Go ATL!

So I made the crazy journey at the end of November 2012 and flew from Seattle to London for one reason, to see Europe and Stonerider perform live.  I caught their performances in Bristol as well as Cardiff.  Let me first mention, they rocked the F’n house!  You wouldn’t know these guys are roughly 50 or so because they still perform like they are 18 years old and look nowhere near 50.  The energy they put in their shows is contagious and the audience just feeds their passion to perform at the highest level.  I instantly felt 16 all over again!  As a long time fan I have to say that this tour in my opinion was much better than The Final Countdown tour.  Their music has evolved from the hair band of the 80’s into a true rock band that will continue to make great music.  They aren’t about perfection either where you get the same cookie cutter performance night after night, they switch up the set list and even laugh at their own mistakes, like in Bristol when John Norum was doing a solo bit halfway through the song he totally forgot the lyrics and he just laughed about it and went on to rock the house.  The guys make their audiences feel like a part of the show with ample time to sing along and connecting with people in the crowd.   This is a true touring band.

Awesome!!! Thanks John!

So how do I know why they won’t tour the USA?  I had the chance to meet John Leven and Mic Michaeli after the show in Bristol.  After a couple of moments of shear star struck awe over meeting them and getting photos with them I asked Mic why they won’t come back.  Straight from Mic Michaeli’s lips, “We’d love to come back to the states but we haven’t been able to get a tour worked out to do so.  We have tried but it just never comes together.”  I told him how Seattle would love to have them perform live here again and mentioned that I had met them in 87 in Vancouver, B.C. and Mic said, “We’d love to come back to Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.”  So there you have it folks, the only thing stopping Europe from touring here is the fan base.

Let’s not forget about Ian Haugland, he’s rocking out in Cardiff!

We can get them to come back, but that means we all have to do our part.  We have to remain loyal fans, this means buy their CD’s.  They have to see where the merchandise trail leads to.  Now I know there are a few obstacles to overcome with doing this, first being that Europe’s latest album, Bag of Bones, has not been released here in the USA.  This means you can not buy digital copies via iTunes or on if your ip address is here in the USA, which makes it inconvenient to get your hands on their music.  You can purchase it directly from the band’s website along with other cool swag which I recommend because they get paid more when it’s sold from

John Norum Cardiff 2012

John Norum Cardiff 2012

their website then anywhere else, buy Bag of Bones here. You can also pick it up on as an import in CD or on Vinyl.  It’s well worth taking a few minutes and waiting a few days to get a CD in the mail to listen to Bag of Bones.  Their last few albums are available via and iTunes, but I caution you about purchasing them from iTunes because I picked up Last Look at Eden, Secret Society and Start From the Dark via iTunes in July 2012 to have the entire CD in my library and more than 50% of the mp3’s were corrupt and it took me 4 months to get iTunes to refund my money.  Instead I would suggest getting your downloads for for these CD’s because it didn’t appear that iTunes where going to fix these files.  I haven’t run into any issues with them since getting them off  You can get a full list of Europe’s musical releases on there website here Europe’s Discography.

Totally awe struck and what's up with my stupid bad pose? Retake please!

Totally awe struck and trying not to faint! Meeting Mic again EPIC! Having the worst photo imaginable of myself with him, priceless lol. Guess a do-over will be in my future!

So what next?  Start calling your local rock stations and ask them to play Bag of Bones,Riches to Rags, Firebox, etc.  Start making a buzz about it.  If they are getting bombarded with requests to play the new Europe CD they are going to start asking why they don’t have it.  Email their management in the masses asking for them to tour the USA and your city, also ask them to release Bag of Bones in the USA and distribute it to the radio stations.  Their management group is Hagenburg Management and their email address is and their stateside agency representative, Steve Martin, is located in New York with The Agency Group and he can be reached through his assistant at so email them and tell them you want to see the band tour here.  They clearly do not know how many people want to see Europe here, that’s the only way to let them know.  So speakup my friends.  I can tell you from seeing them live recently, it’s a ride worth while my friends!

Joey Tempest owning the crowd in Cardiff 2012

Joey Tempest owning the crowd in Cardiff 2012

5 Comments on Europe, the band, Bag of Bones concert tour and why the USA was left out again.

  1. I”ve got the last three albums, but not Bag of Bones yet. I’m a collector, so I’m always holding out for the Japanese versions. Bonus tracks and all, y’know? It’s on my “to buy” list for 2013.

    • I haven’t seen a Japanese release on BOB yet. This album is sure to please you. It’s one of their best so far. I am really looking forward to see what they do next!

      • From the “reunion” era, Start From The Dark is still my favourite. I know the Japanese Bag of Bones does have an extra track so I’m going to hold out for that unless Santa is super nice to me this year 😉

      • I actually have a blog coming up soon that may interest you. Look for it later this week — it’s going to be called “Russian Imports” and I’ll be discussing a rare Europe disc that I happened upon.

  2. Here’s that weird Europe import I was talking about. Still no idea what it really is, just that it came form Russia and is probably unauthorized.

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